Marani is the Georgian word for a wine cellar. Our wine cellar is currently under construction and will be completed no later than the end of August 2022.

Our Marani is located in Eniseli, a village situated 15 minutes away from our vineyard. The cellar belongs to the winemaker’s house.

Wine production at Inavarde


We ferment the pressed grapes – with or without mash – in stainless steel barrels and Kvevris, the traditional Georgian clay amphorae.

Wine aging at Inavarde


In a separate room with constantly low temperatures, our wines age between one and three years in stainless steel barrels.

Storage of wine at Inavarde


Once the wine is bottled, we keep our treasure in a partially underground room to ensure constant levels of temperature and humidity.

Here is what is important to us

During the planning and construction of our wine cellar, we made sure that the premises perfectly reflect our philosophy.

Energy efficiency

In order to use as few resources as possible in the cellar, we chose a shady location surrounded by a house and trees. In addition, we built the cellar partially underground.

Use of local resources

Wherever possible, we used local materials: The solid oak doors were made from local wood by a carpenter from the neighboring village of Sabue. The Kvevris and stainless steel barrels are Georgian-made. We do the exterior cladding with slate washed to us from the Intsoba River directly from the mountains of Kakheti. All the works were done by craftsmen from Eniseli.

Ideal conditions

In order to have the ideal conditions for each type of wine and each production step, our cellar consists of three separate rooms. In the first one, we produce Saperavi (red wine). In the second room, we produce the three white wine varieties Rkatsiteli, Kisi, and Khikhvi. It is also used for the aging of wine. In the third room, we age those wines that need several years and we store the bottles.

Tradition and modernity

Our wine cellar combines the best of tradition and modernity: we produce according to the 8,000-year-old Georgian Kvevri method, but we use modern building insulation and an ingenious climate control system.

Comfort for our guests

In order to provide our visitors with a first-class experience, we have constructed the roof of the cellar in such a way that we can build a beautiful viewing terrace on it with comfortable seating in the shadow.