Organic wines from Georgia

Inavarde Wines is a small, owner-operated winery from Georgia. In our wine cellar in Kakheti, eastern Georgia, we produce natural wines from the grape varieties Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Kisi, Khikhvi and Jghia, which we cultivate our nearby organic vineyard. We produce a large part of our organic wines according to the ancient Qvevri method, which is part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (UNESCO).

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Have you ever drank freedom?

Inavarde is one of these wonderful Georgian words that have no equivalent in English. But we try to explain it to you: It means something like «Be free like a bird» or «Let yourself go and enjoy it to the fullest». And there is nothing we love more than this feeling. This is why we do everything to make sure you can enjoy it too: when you visit us in Georgia or just when you enjoy a glass of our wine wherever you are. We think it’s possible to drink freedom.


Currently, our wines are available in Georgia and Switzerland. Order online and have your wine conveniently delivered to your home

What our customers say

Inavarde wine is made the way you dream about, with so much handicraft and passion. Fabio engages his community in the full wine making experience and the result is bliss.

Jessica Rothman, Sweden

Jessica Rothman


From the first sip of an Inavarde wine, you realize you're in the right place. The winery is very authentic. Fabio made a great effort when he settled in this beautiful village to produce wine from scratch. I appreciate Fabio's work very much.

Vaska Sagirishvili about Inavarde Wines

Vaska Sagirishvili


My impression after a visit: The producers combine traditional know-how with an irrepressible ingenuity and curiosity. The wine is made with as much passion for detail as one could ask for – the result is absolutely divine!

Madlaina and David Co-Founders of Inavarde Wines

Madlaina & David


Georgia is a wonderful country with hospitable people, delicious food, and outstanding wines. We enjoyed our stay in Kakheti wine region and especially at Inavarde Wines to the fullest and will come back for sure.

Thomas Huser Co-Founder of Inavarde Wines

Thomas Huser


When Fabio bought his vineyard, it became clear to us parents that we would support him as co-founders. We are proud of the brave step he took. This summer, we visited his vineyard and met great vinegrower Vano and his nice wife Lali. And of course, we tasted Inavarde's delicious wines.

Irene and Renzo Bolognese Co-Founders of Inavarde Wines

Irene & Renzo B.


As a small co-founder, I personally wanted to see what I had supported. Fabio and his team work with joy, heart, and soul to produce high-quality organic wine. A really beautiful country with extremely nice people, I can only recommend a trip to Georgia to taste the wine on-site.

Patrick Huser Co-Founder of Inavarde Wines

Patrick Huser


My ambition has always been to produce something that I can watch grow, that I can touch and that I can develop. As a co-founder of Inavarde Wines, I am now more than able to fulfill this dream, which makes me happy.

Raffael Huber Co-Founder of Inavarde Wines

Raffael Huber