Inavarde Wines is built on friendship, love for nature, and passion for healthy products. In Georgia’s wine region Kakheti, we produce natural wines from the endemic Georgian grape varieties Saperavi, Kisi, Khikhvi, and Rkatsiteli that we cultivate in our own organic vineyard. We are most happy when we can host guests at our vineyard or in our wine cellar.

Inavarde Wines was founded in 2020 by Fabio Bolognese, a citizen of Switzerland who emigrated to Georgia in 2019.

Our Team

Vano is producing Chacha



With his 30 years of experience and his reliability, Vano is the most important person at Inavarde Wines.


Owner, winemaker

Fabio is the founder and main winemaker of Inavarde Wines. He is responsible for marketing and sales.



Lali is responsible for food and beverage. For our guests, she prepares wine tastings and lunches in our cellar.



Suliko is a farmer from the neighboring village of Sanavardo. He works in the vineyard and is responsible for security.


Agro expert

Oto is a specialist in agricultural technology and is helping us with our transformation to an organic vineyard.



Tsotne is a winemaker himself and an important partner for us. We occasionally produce wines together.


Doris und Jürg Aerne, Zurich
Martin Affolter, Kloten
Oliver Ambs, Zurich
Cyril Anderes, Baden
Anonymous, Wettingen
Sabine Bärlocher, Wettingen
Sharmila Bansal-Tönz, Unterengstringen
Thomas Benz, Wettingen
Walter Benz, Wettingen
David Berger, Winterthur
Giorgia Bertocchi, Massagno
Irene und Renzo Bolognese, Wettingen
Aron Braun, Wallisellen
Sandro Burki, Würenlos
Eduard Christen, Niederrohrdorf
Reto Della Morte, Wettingen
Marco Eggenschwiler, Niederrohrdorf
Markus Egli, Embrach
Raphael Ehrsam, Wettingen
Maja Ferrari, Wettingen
Roy Ferrari, Wettingen
Florian Fessler, Hedingen
Bettina Flütsch, Wettingen
Stephan Frey, Wettingen
Thomas Frey, Wädenswil
Reto Fürst, Rybotycze (Poland)
Peter Greutert, Wettingen
Georg Gross, Winterthur
Patrick Häfeli, Birmenstorf
Pankraz Hartmeier, Fislisbach
Daniel Hitz, Klingnau
Marlene Hofer, Steffisburg
Christof Huber, Winterthur
Raffael Huber, Embrach
Hannes Hurter, Wettingen
Patrick Huser, Rütihof AG
Thomas Huser, Wettingen
Lukas Inhelder, Winterthur
Christian Joerimann, Zurich

Bea Kabosch, Nürensdorf
Sabrina Käser, Opfikon
Arak Kin, Baden
Simon Knoth, Turgi
Marc Koller, Wettingen
Michael Langenbach, Birmenstorf AG
Kathy Leuenberger, Zofingen
Stefanie Luder, Solothurn
Renato Merki, Lausanne
Christian Mittag, Remigen AG
Adrian Müller, Embrach
Alex Oggenfuss, Baden
Reto Ormos, Winterthur
Simon Rudolf von Rohr, Birmenstorf
Tina Runge, Rütihof AG
Massimo Sacripanti, Wettingen
Stefan Schärer, Lucerne
Ivan Schmid, Steffisburg
Dino Schmidt, Würenlos
Albert und Jürg Schwarzenbach, Bern
Heinz M. Schwyter, Turbenthal
Seemer Jungs, Winterthur
Anja Siegenthaler, Baden
Verena und Alfred Spaltenstein, Kloten
Renata Knoth und Roman Spiess, Bözberg
Mario Spörri, Wettingen
Christian Spross, St. Gallen
Ulrich Stalder, Hagendorn
Marc Strasser, Scherz AG
Martin Thalmann, Neuenhof
Vini Sacripanti AG, Wettingen
Michael Voser, Würenlingen
Christian Walther, Spreitenbach
Kurt Walther, Gebenstorf AG
Timo Wassmer, Ennetbaden
Jonas Wernli, Baden
Rolf Wettstein, Otelfingen
Mirjam Wohler, Wettingen

Our History

Vineyard purchase

Feb 2020

Fabio finds the land of his dreams in Kakheti and buys 5 hectares. Half of the land is planted with Saperavi vines and half of it is empty.

Vine and grapes
Planting new vines

Mar 2020

We use the empty area and plant new vines from the varieties Kisi, Rkatsiteli and Khikhvi, each of them around 0.7 hectares.

Conversion to organic

Mar 2021

With the support of a befriended agronomist, we started to gradually converting our vineyard to organic. Two years later the process is completed.

Oak barrel for wine
Our first bottles

Sep 2021

We bottle a few hundred liters of our wine. We create the wine labels and are excited to hold the final product in our hands for the first time.

Cellar construction

Sep 2022

After six months of construction and thanks to a successful crowdfunding, the construction of our new wine cellar in Kakheti is completed.

Wine bottle
Wine sales started

Mar 2023

We are happy that wine lovers are finally able to buy our wine via the shop on this website and have it delivered to their homes.


We would be very happy about your visit. Please contact us in advance if you are interested to visit our vineyard or if you would like to enjoy a wine tasting in our winery.


Wine cellar