Inavarde Kvareli is a Georgian-Swiss tourism project which will combine vineyard, winery, restaurant and hotel in one place.

Located in the beautiful Alazani Valley with great views of the snowcapped mountains of the Greater Caucasus, we aim to be a place of encounter, enjoyment and exchange for locals and guests from all over the world.

We will combine Georgian hospitality with Swiss professionalism to delight our guests with the highest quality and courteous service.

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«Founder’s Club»

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As a member of our «Founder’s Club», you enable us to realize our vision of Inavarde Kvareli. In return, you benefit from various advantages.

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What we do


On our vineyard we cultivate the four different grape varieties Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Kisi and Khikhvi. Out of respect for nature, we treat our soil and our grapes as naturally as possible.

Open ✓


In our winery we produce outstanding wines without any additives and according to the ancient Georgian Kvevri method. You’re invited to taste our wines in the middle of the vineyard.

Open from 2021.


From 2022 you can enjoy the delicious Georgian cuisine in our restaurant which is situated in the heart of the vineyard. For our delicious food we only use local and organic products.

Open from 2022.


In 2023 our small boutique hotel in the middle of the vineyard is expected to be ready. We will use only high quality materials and provide our guests with an outstanding service.

Open from 2023.

Who we are

Fabio Bolognese

Founder & CEO

Fabio was born and raised in Switzerland. The former computer scientist last worked for 10 years as CEO of the Swiss booking website, which he helped to build up from 2009. In his spare time, his passion for travel has led him regularly to Georgia, until he finally founded and successfully built up MyCaucasus Travel three years ago. The travel agency offers authentic trips in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan and is specialized in the topics «food & wine». Fabio Bolognese left Switzerland in 2019 and moved to the Georgian capital Tbilisi.

Ivane Asanashvili

Ivane has been active in viticulture for more than 25 years, is highly reliable and is considered a respected man in the region.

Nana Deisadze

Nana has a great experience in tourism and is very familiar with the local conditions. She takes care of various administrative tasks.

Nana Chigogidze

Nana is one of the most distinguished agronomists in Georgia. The studied chemist has been advising leading wine producers for years.

Suliko Khachatarian

Suliko lives next to our land and works as a farmer. He takes care of the safety of our vineyard and he helps Ivane with various jobs.

Our grapes


Saperavi is the most widespread red wine variety in Georgia. The dark red wine is colour intensive, fruity and rich in tannins. Typical aromas: black berries, liquorice and tobacco.


Rkatsiteli is one of the leading white wine varieties in Georgia. It has been known since 3,000 BC and is one of the oldest varieties. Typical aroma: pineapple, lime, tarragon and fennel.


The rather rare Kisi vine produces a comparatively small quantity of grapes. Kisi is a rarity which is growing in popularity. Typical aromas: ripe pear, marigold, tobacco and walnut.


The Khikhvi grapes have a great potential for enriching sugar. They are suitable for the production of a wide range of wines. Typical aromas: dried figs and apricots

«Founder’s Club»

Our members

We would like to thank the following people for their valuable support of Inavarde Kvareli. Your support helps us to turn our vision into reality.

Doris & Jürg Aerne, Zürich
Martin Affolter, Kloten
Oliver Ambs, Zürich
S. Bansal-Tönz, U’engstringen
Thomas Benz, Wettingen
Walter Benz, Wettingen
I. & R. Bolognese, Wettingen
Aron Braun, Wallisellen
Maja Ferrari, Wettingen
Roy Ferrari, Wettingen
Florian Fessler, Hedingen
Bettina Flütsch, Wettingen
Patrick Häfeli, Birmenstorf
Daniel Hitz, Klingnau
Raffael Huber, Embrach
Hannes Hurter, Wettingen
Thomas Huser, Wettingen
Simon Knoth, Turgi

Marc Koller, Wettingen
Kathy Leuenberger, Zofingen
Tina Runge, Rütihof AG
Massimo Sacripanti, Wettingen
Stefan Schärer, Luzern
Ivan Schmid, Steffisburg
A. & J. Schwarzenbach, Bern
Heinz M. Schwyter, Turbenthal
Anja Siegenthaler, Baden
A. & V. Spaltenstein, Kloten
R. Knoth & R. Spiess, Bözberg
Ulrich Stalder, Hagendorn
Marc Strasser, Scherz AG
Vini Sacripanti AG, Wettingen
Michael Voser, Würenlingen
Timo Wassmer, Ennetbaden
Rolf Wettstein, Otelfingen
Mirjam Wohler, Wettingen

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