Natural. We produce natural wines without any additives.
We use spontaneous fermentation and natural filtration.
We do neither clarification nor fining.
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Handmade. We pick our grapes by hand and process them manually.
From the vineyard to your glass 100% is handmade
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Passionate winemakers Passionate. We are not businessmen but winemakers.
We love what we do and we do every step with full passion.
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Inavarde Wines

Our winery in numbers



Three friends from Georgia and Switzerland share a common goal and aim to create a unique place for craft wine and tourism.



Our 6 hectares of land are located in the middle of nature, without naighbors, between Kvareli and Sanavardo.



We cultivate the endemic grape varieties Saperavi and Jghia (red) as well as Kisi, Khikhvi and Rkatsiteli (white).


Wine production

We currently produce around 3,500 bottles per year. If you like our wine, we will be happy to increase production for you.

Become a part of Inavarde Wines

Founder's Club

Already more than 70 people have joined our Founder's Club to support our winery and to be a significant part of our unique project. Now it's your turn: Join our Founder's Club and benefit from various advantages.

«My ambition has always been to produce something that I can watch growing, that I can touch and develop. As a member of the Founder’s Club, I can fulfill this dream and in the end even enjoy the wine.»

Raffael Huber, Switzerland
Founder’s Club member

Our products

A result of respect and devotion

We respect our environment and treat both soils and vines in a natural way. We trust and employ people from the immediate vicinity and treat them with respect. We are not businessmen, we are winemakers. All our devotion belongs to the vineyard and to the wine cellar, as our goal is to create unique wines that we love.
Switzerland meets Georgia

Our team



Vineyard Manager

Vano has been working in viticulture for more than 25 years and is a highly reliable person. He has a large network and is a very respected man in the whole region.




Suliko is a farmer who lives in the nearby village of Sanavardo, right next to our vineyard. He takes care of the safety of our vines and is responsible for maintenance work.




Born and raised in Switzerland, his passion for travel and wine took him to Georgia in 2019. Besides Inavarde, he is also the owner of MyCaucasus Travel.