New vineyard with rare varieties planted

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Für die Pflanzung eines Rebbergs vorbereiteter Boden

New vineyard with rare varieties planted

Directly in front of our wine cellar we have planted a new vineyard with a total of 60 vines. Some of the varieties are extremely rare. You have the possibility to sponsor one or more vines and enjoy a bottle of your own vine after about four years.

In our new small vineyard, located just in front of our Marani in Eniseli, we planted the rarities Mirzaanuli Tetri, Ikaltos Tsiteli, Akhmeturi Tsiteli and Bodburi Chitistvala, as well as Kakhuri Mtsvane and table grapes of the Sasupre Goruli variety.

Revive forgotten grape varieties

On the one hand we want to give new life to rare and forgotten grape varieties, on the other hand we want to make wine experiments with these endemic and exciting grapes. You can experience this adventure from the very beginning and up close, with a vine sponsorship.

Vines of Georgian variety Saperavi in summer

Grape varieties that only a few people know

The variety Kakhuri Mtsvane (green Kakhetian) is rather widespread, and variety Sasupre Goruli we will use as table grapes. However, the other four grape varieties are real rarities, which hardly anyone outside the Georgian winemaking scene knows.

Mirzaanuli Tetri

Georgian: მირზაანული თეთრი

Synonyms: Mirzaanuli

Origin: Mirzaani, Kakheti

Type: white

Description: Dry wine, color range from white to light straw

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Chitistvala Bodburi

Georgian: ჩიტისთვალა ბოდბური

Synonyms: Bodbis Chitistvala

Origin: Bodbe, Kakheti

Type: white

Description: The name means bird’s eye from Bodbe. The wine is dry and white.

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Achmeturi Tsiteli

Georgian: ახმეტური წითელი

Synonyms: Akhmeturi Shavi, Akhmetis Tsiteli

Origin: Akhmeta, Kakheti

Type: red

Description: The name means Red Akhmetian (Akhmeta is a townlet in Kakheti). Dry red wine.

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Ikaltos Tsiteli

Georgian: იყალთოს წითელი

Synonyms: Ikaltos Shavi

Origin: Ikalto, Kachetien

Type: red

Description: It means Red from Ikalto (Ikalto is a monastery in Kakheti). Dry red wine from rather mediocre quality, often used for blends.

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Kakhuri Mtsvane

Georgian: კახური მწვანე

Synonyms: მწვანე

Origin: Kakheti

Type: white

Description: The name means Green Kakhetian. This variety is more widespread than the other four. The grapes are used for the Manavi and Tsinandali wines (Denomination of Protected Origin).

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Get your personal vine and your exclusive wine

Are you interested in seeing how our vines develop from planting on May 19, 2023, through the first harvest to the first wine? With a vine sponsorship, you can be up close and personal. Secure the vine of your choice and receive regular updates, photos and videos. After four years, we will press the first wine from the grapes of your vine and you will exclusively receive your personal bottle.

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Newly planted grape vine in Kakheti

A vine of the variety Akhmeturi Tsiteli, planted on 19 May 2023.