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Rkatsiteli Dry 2022


Grape variety: Rkatsiteli
Vintage: 2022
Fermented in: Stainless steel
Aged in: Stainless steel
Type: White dry (amber)
Alcohol: 12.5%
Volume: 0.75l



Rkatsiteli, meaning red horn in Georgian, is one of the world’s oldest grape varieties. It originates from the Kakheti region in Georgia.


Organic vineyards

We cultivate our vines ourselves in order to be sure to have the highest quality grapes. Our vineyards are fully organic, as we neither use herbicides and pesticides nor any other chemical substances.


Natural wines

We use spontaneous fermentation by natural yeast species and natural filtration. No clarification, no fining, no addition of sulfites.


Production method

The wine was produced according to the traditional Kakhetian method using Kvevris (clay amphora buried in the ground) for both fermentation and maturing. The wine was filtered naturally and stored in a stainless steel barrel before bottling.


The wine

This dry amber wine has high acidity and comes with a high variety of flora flavors such as resin, lime, pineapple, tarragon, and fennel.


Food pairing

Our Rkatsiteli is quite versatile: It pairs well with fish, poultry, and oysters, but also with spicy meat, lentils, and beans.