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What makes Georgian wine so special?

The Georgian word for wine is ghvino (ღვინო). Various linguists believe that the word «wine» derives etymologically from the Georgian word.

Quite plausible, because the oldest traces of viticulture in the world were found on the territory of today’s Georgia.

Georgia is the cradle of wine

Cradle of wine

Nowhere in the world older traces of wine production have been found than in Georgia. That’s why the country is called the «cradle of wine».

500 grape varieties in Georgia

500 varieties

500 of the 4’000 grape varieties found in the world originate from Georgia, most of them autochthonous. Every 8th grape variety is therefore Georgian.

Wine is produced in Kvevris

Kvevri method

Many wines are produced according to the ancient Kvevri tradition: Clay vessels are buried below ground and used for fermentation, storage and ageing.

«Saperavi maybe its Cabernet, but what potential for pleasure is locked up in vine-stocks whose names we have yet to hear.»

Hugh Johnson, British expert on wine

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