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Be part of a unique story

Georgia is a fast growing market, especially in the wine and tourism sectors. However, these sectors are usually separate: in one place there is the vineyard, in another the winery and in a third place the hotel or restaurant.

It is our vision to combine what belongs together: We want to create a place that is at once vineyard, winery, restaurant and hotel. In the midst of the vines, guests from all over the world should come together to taste wines, enjoy Georgian cuisine and have a good time in an idyllic environment.

As a member of our «Founder’s Club» you will make a significant contribution to the development of Inavarde Kvareli and benefit exclusively from unique advantages.

Your benefits




During the next five years we deliver free wine from our own production to your home.


Day trip

When in Georgia, you’re invited to a day trip to our vineyards including transport, food and wine.


Furthermore you will receive our Chacha (spirit) delivered to your home free of charge.



One week of holidays in Georgia for free, including accommodation, half board, transport and activities.


You’ll be invited exclusively to our Georgian wine and food tasting event in Switzerland.



You benefit from a 20% discount on all orders of our wine or Chacha.


Membership options

With your one-time investment you automatically become a member of our founder club. Depending on the amount, you will benefit from various advantages:

Investment Wine Chacha Tasting Day trip Holidays Discount
10,000 CHF 48 4 Yes Yes Yes 20%
5,000 CHF 24 2 Yes Yes 20%
2,500 CHF 10 1 Yes Yes 20%
1,000 CHF 4 Yes 20%
500 CHF 2 Yes  
Wine: No of bottles you annually receive during five years. Chacha: No of bottles you annually receive during five years. Tasting: 1 x invitation to a tasting event in Switzerland. Day trip: Excursion to our vineyard including transport, food and wine. Holidays: 1 x one week of holidays in Georgia including accommodation, half board, transport and actiities. Discount: valid for all orders places within the next 5 years.


If you’d like to be a part of Inavarde Kvareli, just transfer the desired amount of money.

By bank transfer:

IBAN: CH58 0078 8000 0507 5687 3
Account no: 5075.68.73
Bank: Banque Cantonale de Genève
Beneficiary: Fabio Bolognese, Larsi Turne 4, 0179 Tbilisi
Purpose: Inavarde Kvareli

Pay online:


After your payment you will receive a certificate for your membership.

In case of questions please contact us by e-mail.

«Founder’s Club» members

– Irene & Renzo Bolognese, 5430 Wettingen
– Aron Braun, 8304 Wallisellen
– Bettina Flütsch, 5430 Wettingen
– Patrick Häfeli, 5413 Birmenstorf AG
– Daniel Hitz, 5313 Klingnau
– Raffael Huber, 8424 Embrach
– Hannes Hurter, 5430 Wettingen
– Simon Knoth, 5300 Turgi
– Renata Knoth & Roman Spiess, 5225 Bözberg
– Rolf Wettstein, 8112 Otelfingen

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