For Traders and Importers

Do you want to help make unique Georgian quality wines known around the world? On this page, you will learn everything about our philosophy and our wines, and find contact information and price lists.


Our philosophy

Organic vineyard

  • Resistant, endemic grape varieties
  • No use of synthetic pesticides/fungicides
  • No use of herbicides
  • Manual soil cultivation
  • Promotion of biodiversity
  • No measures to increase yield
  • No irrigation

Natural wines

  • 100% manual grape harvest
  • Transport in wooden crates
  • Spontaneous fermentation with wild yeast cultures
  • No additives
  • No sulfurization
  • No fining
  • Natural filtration

Our wines

We produce only what we love ourselves. These are dry red wines, as well as amber and orange wines, which we make in clay amphorae (Qvevri) and stainless steel tanks. We sell our wines no earlier than two years after the harvest.

Price list

The following prices apply for an order quantity of at least 500 bottles. Prices for smaller quantities are available upon request. Prices do not include transport costs.

NameVarietiesVintageAlcoholRes. sugarVol. acid.FermentationAgingPrice/bottle
Saperavi red dry QvevriSaperavi202113,8 %4,0 g/l5,9 g/lQvevriQvevri/Stainl. steelEUR 12.00
Kisi orange dry QvevriKisi2023QvevriQvevri/Stainl. steelEUR 11.00
Rkatsiteli orange dry QvevriRkatsiteli2023QvevriQvevri/Stainl. steelEUR 11.00
Aurzauri orange dry QvevriKisi, Rkatisteli, Khikhvi2023QvevriQvevri/Stainl. steelEUR 11.00
Saperavi red dry QvevriSaperavi2023QvevriQvevri/Stainl. steelEUR 11.00
Saperavi red drySaperavi2023Stainless steelStainless steelEUR 11.00
Saperavi red drySaperavi2023Stainless steelStainless steelEUR 11.00



Fabio Bolognese

Phone: +995 595 03 81 17