Order your Georgian red wine, orange wine, amber wine or Kvevri wine directly from the winemaker and have it conveniently delivered to your home. Our Georgian wines are available throughout Georgia, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein

Our wine types

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Our philosophy

At Inavarde Wines, we see wine as a gift of nature, because wine is influenced by soil, vegetation, sun, rainfall and wind. The interaction of these factors creates new conditions every year, which are reflected in our wines. In our vineyard, we let nature take its course and only intervene when necessary.

Organic vineyard

We take care of our vineyard with the Kisi, Rkatsiteli and Khikhvi grape varieties and cultivate it completely organically. As the vineyard was previously forested for centuries, which is extremely rare to find, the soil is exceptionally fertile and rich in minerals.

Hand-picked grapes

It is not only important to choose the right time in terms of sugar content and weather. The grapes must also be processed immediately after the harvest. We pick our grapes by hand and transport them in small wooden crates so that the berries are not damaged.

Natural fermentation

Nature creates new conditions every year. This also applies to the wild yeast cultures in the vineyard, which can change from year to year. Instead of relying on pure yeasts, we use the naturally occurring yeast cultures. Because they give our wines new notes every year.

Natural and vegan wines

We do not add any additives to our wines in the cellar, not even sulphites. We also rely on natural filtration by allowing the sediment to sink. We do not consider clarification and fining to be necessary. Our wines are therefore not only natural, but also vegan.