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About us Passionate for wine


Inavarde Wines is built on friendship, love for nature, and passion for healthy products.

In Georgia’s wine region Kakheti, we produce natural wines from the native Georgian grape varieties Saperavi, Kisi, Khikhvi, and Rkatsiteli. We are most happy when we can host guests at our vineyard or in our wine cellar.

Our Team

Vano is our vinegrower
Winemaker, winegrower

Vano has been working in viticulture and winemaking for over 25 years and is a highly reliable person.

Fabio is winemaker and owner of Inavarde
Owner, winemaker

Fabio is the founder of Inavarde Wines. He is one of the winemakers and responsible for marketing.

Lali is responsible for our catering

Lali is responsible for food and drinks. She will prepare wine tastings and lunches in our cellar.

Suliko is responsible for our security

Suliko is a farmer from Sanavardo. He works in our vineyard and is responsible for security.

Oto is our main agricultural advisor
Agriculture expert

Oto is an agrotechnology specialist and helps us to transform our vineyard into a fully organic one.

Tsotne is the advisor of Inavarde Wines
Partner, winemaker

Tsotne is our partner, a winemaker himself, and one of our main advisors regarding winemaking.

Dato is our salesman

As a good friend of us, Dato helps us with many things, and he is responsible for the sales in Georgia.

Our History

Fabio meets Vano

Dec 2019

Our founder Fabio meets Vano. It's the launch of Inavarde and the beginning of a deep friendship.

Vineyard purchase

Feb 2020

In Kakheti, Fabio and Vano find the plot of their dreams. Together with friends they buy 6 hectares of land.

Cultivation of new vines

Mar 2020

In addition to the already planted Saperavi vines, we plant another 2.5 hectares of Kisi, Khikhvi, and Rkatsiteli.

Our first harvest

Sep 2020

We are so excited to have our first harvest in autumn 2020, despite heavy hail during summer.

Our first wine bottles

Aug 2021

In late summer we bottled for the first time a few hundred bottles of Saperavi.

Wine cellar

Apr 2022

From April 2022, we will be building a new wine cellar in the village Eniseli.

Contact us

    What our customers say

    My impression after a visit: The producers combine traditional know-how with an irrepressible ingenuity and curiosity. The wine is made with as much passion for detail as one could ask for – the result is absolutely divine!

    Madlaina and David from Switzerland

    Madlaina & David


    Georgia, a wonderful country with hospitable people, delicious food, and outstanding wines. We enjoyed our stay in Kakheti wine region and especially at Inavarde to the fullest and will come back for sure.

    Thomas Huser from Switzerland

    Thomas Huser


    When Fabio bought his vineyard, it became clear to us parents that we would support him as co-founders. We are proud of the brave step he took. This summer, we visited his vineyard and met great vinegrower Vano and his nice wife Lali. And of course, we tasted Inavarde's delicious wines.

    Irene & Renzo Bolognese

    Irene & Renzo B.


    As a small co-founder, I personally wanted to see what I had supported. Fabio and his team work with joy, heart, and soul to produce high-quality organic wine. A really beautiful country with extremely nice people, I can only recommend a trip to Georgia to taste the wine on-site.

    Patrick Huser from Switzerland

    Patrick Huser


    My ambition has always been to produce something that I can watch grow, that I can touch and that I can develop. As a Co-Founder of Inavarde Wines, I am now more than able to fulfill this dream.

    Raffael Huber, Switzerland

    Raffael Huber